4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen

Oasis Touch Innovations 4 Wire analog resistive touch screen is perfect for PDAs, web phones, and other handheld consumer applications. Our superior film on glass construction offers the very best light transmission reliability and durability.

Product Features
� Superior Accuracy / Drift-free operation – 98.5% Linearity 
� Supports multiple operating systems – Windows, Linux, Mac 
� Light Transmission 80% to 90% 
� Finger, gloved hand and stylus input 
Common Applications
PDAs, Web Phone, Tablet PC, Web Pad, Mobile Warehousing, eBook, GPS etc
� Touch screen: Analog Resistive 
� Standard Sizes: 1.8″ ~ 17″ (custom sizes available) 
� Optical 
o Film type: Anti-glare, Anti-reflective 
o Light Transmission: 83% +/- 5%, options to 90% 
� Electrical 
o Operation Voltage: DC 5V (Max 5.5V, 3.3V available after customization) 
o Insulation Impedance: 25M @ DC 25V 
o Linearity: 98.5% (bias less than 1.5%) 
o Chattering Time: 10 m sec or less 
� Mechanical 
o Input Method: finger, pen or gloved hand 
o Touch Activation Force: 80 grams typical 
o Scrape hardness: 3H per ASTM D3365 3H per JIS K5400 

� Supported Operating Systems 
o MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/CE/ME/2000NT, OS/2, MAC, Linux etc 
� Sensor Thickness (Sensor plus glass) 
o 0.95mm / 1.35mm / 2.05mm I 0.15mm 
� Reliability 
o Operation Environment: -10 ~ 60C 
o Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 70C 
o Humidity: 60C, 90% RH 240HR 
o Touch Durability: 5 Million touches in a single location 
o Surface scratch 150K/300K (250/500gf, 50mm/s) 
o Surface pitting 1M (250gf 2 times/s) 
o NEMA 4 Capable