Touch Screen Products

Touch screens, interactive LCD’s and self service kiosks are providing businesses, Government organisations and educational facilities the tools to become more efficient and effective across the globe.

We offer Indian customers a competitive and reliable selection of touch screen monitors, kiosks and LCD’s — from the smallest operator to the largest organisations in our country, we have you covered for touch technology.

We offer a broad array of quality touch screen products and interactive displays along with custom kiosk solutions.


All types & all standard sizes HMI & IPC Touch Screen panels.

5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen

Oasis Touch 5-wire analog resistive touchscreens are designed for extreme and high-use environments, and features superior durability, resolution, accuracy and positioning speed.


Standard Size 32,42,55, Inch. Touch Technology Infrared touch screen Touch Activation Force No pressure required Light Transmittance >92% (100% without glass)

Capacitive Touch Panels

Capacitive Touch Screens are all-glass panels with a transparent metallic conductive coating. electrode pattern printed along the edges which distributes a low voltage field over the conductive layer. So when a finger touches the screen and draws a minute amount of current to the point of contact, it creating a voltage drop. This current flow from each corner that is proportional to the distance of the touch point allows the location of the point of contact to be calculated by the controller.


Stable,no-excursion Can't be effected by Electrical Current, Voltage and Static, suitable for bad condition and Environment High Light Transmission, up to 100% Anti-scratch, touch resolution reach 4096*4096, long Life time for Usage Easy touch, unlimited for touch medium IR Touch Screen Technical Parameter Table Available Size 32",42",55",70",Up to 400".

4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen

Oasis Touch Innovations 4 Wire analog resistive touch screen is perfect for PDAs, web phones, and other handheld consumer applications. Our superior film on glass construction offers the very best light transmission reliability and durability.

SAW Dust Proof Touch Screen

17" SAW Touch Screen Panel with USB/RS232 Controller * Surface Acoustic Wave Technology * High Transparence, High Intensity and High Light Transnission * Anti-Scratch, over 50 Million Single Point Touch * Stable, No-excursion, Automatic Correction * Finger or Soft Pen to Touch * Flat CRT, Spherical CRT and LCD.......Touch Screen