Our LCD Products

We offer a wide variety of standard display products to meet the requirements of your specific application. From color TFT modules and monochrome graphic displays to segmented TN LCDs, we have many standard products that are commercially available off the shelf and suitable for most industrial, medical and consumer products.

Each of our standard products is unique due to the display technology, diagonal size or integrated display controller. To simplify your search for the perfect display, We provides all documentation relevant to each LCD module on the specific product page. Next to each product you will find the following items: data sheets for both the display and the integrated driver IC, our tester schematic, sample initialization code, recommended connector.

IPC with SS Enclosure

IPC with customize configuration price range 75K*

ELO Compatable Touch Screen Monitor

15 Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

15" LCD supports 1024 x 768 pixels Max; Resistive and 3mm tempered glass options; Desktop Stand or wall mounting chassis; Stable and Long life time; 12V Input & VGA interface.... read more....


Panel Size: 17 (43.2 cm) Aspect Ratio: Standard (5:4) Panel Type, Surface: TN (Twisted Nematic), anti glare Optimal Resolution: 1280 x 1024 at 60 Hz Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1 (typical) Brightness: 250 cd/m2 (typical) Response Time: 5 ms typical (black to white) Viewing Angle: (160 vertical / 170 horizontal)

12.1" 4 Wire Touch TFT-LCD Monitor

12.1" LCD supports 1024 x 768 pixels Max; 􀈆Resistive and 3mm tempered glass options; 􀈆Desktop Stand or wall mounting chassis; 􀈆Stable and Long life time; 􀈆12V Input & VGA interface

7" LCD Display Monitor

7" Industrial LCD : Working Voltage Current DC 10.8-16V DC 0.7A(MAX: 1A) Working Temperature 0~70℃ Storage Temperature 0~80℃ Input configuration Two video input ( VGA , AV1 ) Aspect Ratio 16:9 7 inches