Kiosk Enclosures

We provide consultancy and help you with our design and manufacturing expertise to produce a customised Kiosk enclosure for Point of Information or Self Service Transaction use. We also offer a few standard designs off the shelf for the local market.

We manufacture Kiosk cabinets at an exclusive high-tech fabrication facility which has in house CAD/CAM and CNC laser cut punching bending equipment along with a paint shop. We custom produce for overseas projects, time for prototype samples is usually 2 weeks. Tooling services are provided to fit specalised peripherals such as printers, keyboards, card readers etc. provided by customers.

Our Kiosk cabinets are made of very high quality steel and come with a durable metallic powder coated paint finish. These are pre-fitted with an open frame LCD Touch Monitor, In-built amplifier with stereo speakers, lockable compartments, spike guard and a cable mamagement system. We can fit PC components and peripherals as per your custom requirement.

Kiosk Wayfinder is a digital and interactive mapping system that gives users information and intuitive paths to reach their destinations.

Through a complex system of mapping, the software is able to show users the ideal path to reach their destination. 

It is possible to consult the general map or make AZ or keyword researches.

Its target

Shopping malls, directional centers, hospitals, office and meeting centers, universities, graveyards, airports, public authority buildings, museum and art galleries and multiple location companies. Kiosk Wayfinder shows visitors an animated path to reach their destination.
– Navigation system with interactive maps, always ready to be consulted
– Different research options, with an intuitive user interface
– Animated paths that show how to reach one’s destination, both on the same on on more than one floor, even including elevator.
– More clearness and understanding for the user; locations are easier to be found.
– All of the maps and the path are facing user
– It is time saving for the user and “staff saving” for the company
– Possibility to edit and delete locations thanks to an easy-to-use management web interface.
– Possibility to make changes and to manage the kiosk remotely wherever an internet connection is available.
– Modular system that gives the chance to expand locations or the floor of the mapping.

Oasis Touch Technologies SS Keyboard. 

-MINI 91 keys IP65 static rated vandal proof stainless steel industrial keyboard with IP65 static 25mm stainless steel mechanical trackball module with +400 DPI resolutions for accurate cursor position,

-industrial PCB with carbon-on-gold key switch technology with long
stroke (2.0mm) with extremely good tactile feeling for fast and
accurate data input without any noise

-one complete silicone rubber along mounting aluminum plate for easy mounting and sealing
tightly with cabinet.3 mouse buttons designed for right & left clicking and scrolling up and down with ball rolling,     -rear panel mounting solution.

-Industrial backlight optional
(Red/blue/white/green optional). US layout, USB interface. DIMENSIONS: 300.0mm x 104.0mm x 32.1mm (L x W x H)

Water Proof Keyboard
Industrial Silicone Keyboard
Industrial Silicone Mouse
Industrial Membrane Keyboard
Marine Back light Keyboard
Back light Metal Keyboard
Panel Mounted Metal Keyboard
Desk Top Metal Keyboard
Black Industrial Keyboard
Metal Keypad
Industrial Pointing Devices
Encryption Metal Keyboard
Metal Function Keypad
Vandal-proof Phone Accessories
Special Plastic Keyboard


Electronic Self-Service 17″ LCD Touch Queue Kiosk,

applied in Queue Management System.Popular in Banking,Hospital,Telecommunication,Restaurant,

Travel Agent and so on. Multi Branch Control 
and management also available.
Widely applied in some Service Business,like Banking,Hospital&Clinic&Healthcare,Restaurant,
Hotel,University,Airport,Government and so on,
improving their company images and improve their 
service quality,further making the business success.
Model: Q-easy OTT1011 Queue Kiosk 
*Free Standing modern cabinet, with the separate stand for easy to packaging and well protect the monitor
*17 inch Dell/LG/option Brand LCD and 17 inch Acoustic touch screen
*EPSON 80 mm Thermal printer with auto cutter
*Embedded computer
(Processor & hardware):
Intel 1.6 processor
2G DDR2 Memory Card
160G Hard disk
*2 USB 2.0 Port 
*2 USB PS/2 port 
Function Feature:
*Can applied in Information Query System and Queue Management System
*Communication ways:Wire and Wireless are both available
*Ticket information can be editable and customized by your requirement,can add your company logo on it or edit some others
*Support for 1-64 services,and many queues and many items also available
* It offer the interface for your own software
*Queue Management Software:Developed by our company,with Multiple language Voice and Multiple Language translation,have the function of Report statistic and management and edit the Ticket Information and etc.

Our Information Kiosks are a perfect touch screen solution to use as information points in public areas or on your business premises. They can effectively help visitors to the area to get a better idea of their location and direct them to various points of interest in the surrounding area.

Customising your kiosk with your brand identity will also help it to stand out and work as a marketing tool as well as a source for information. Our kiosks provide a bright, clear and crisp display and quick response touch screen.
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Touch screen kiosk rentals are quickly becoming a necessity for any corporate event, convention, or tradeshow. If the purpose of your event is to exchange information or provide services, then there are literally thousands of ways that trade show kiosks can help to distribute your valuable message, promote your business, and assist attendees.

Touch Screen Kiosks are perfect for:
o Event Registration Systems
o Exhibitor Locator Stations
o Conventions and Tradeshows
o Lead Retrieval Systems
o Wireless Internet Cafes
o Corporate Events
o Interactive Sitemaps
o Event Promotion
o Digital Signage and More!

Oasis Touch Technologies offers the best kiosk rental solutions for your needs. With over 10 years of experience and a multimillion-INR inventory, we offer the top-of-the-line touch screen kiosk, the Friendly way IIS, which is ideal for events. Thanks to its unique construction, it can be easily transported and its high stability is ensured on-site.
Want to see more on how our kiosks can enhance your next event?
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